Practice Areas

With over twenty years of experience in performing legal activities in favour of banks, public entities, law firms and companies of primary standing - also listed on regulated markets - and a good knowledge of the English language, Emilio Di Brizzi can be a point of reference for customers wishing to entrust their interests to his care. Confidence, competence, transparency, loyalty and mutual respect are the values which will be placed at the basis of the relationships with each customer; simplicity and reliability are the targets that will guide his professional work. Clear and precise rules: as are the expectations of those who, person or company, intends to entrust the management of complex problems to a qualified professional; as must be the capacity and experience of those who, like Emilio Di Brizzi, has chosen to play independently and with personal attention to the interests of each client the private practice.

Banking and financial markets

Banking and financial markets is the field of the main activities carried out by Emilio Di Brizzi that is able to operate in the English language and provides assistance to banks and borrower companies in the preparation and/or negotiation of loan agreements (in particular mortgage loans) related to structured finance transactions; guarantee agreements (loan’s security package); negotiation of contractual clauses related to contractual and/or financial covenants; loan agreements related to syndicated loans (syndicated finance) or ancillary to company acquisition transactions (acquisition finance) or real estate transactions (real estate finance). The professional deals with regulatory issues and provides assistance and expert advice to credit and financial institutions, - also listed on regulated markets - in the interpretation or application of rules under the regulatory and supervisory provisions of the sector, as well as in the fullfilment of duties towards the competent supervisory Authorities. He is also involved in issues related to the implementation of money laundering legislation to banks and financial intermediaries. With regard to the activity related to financial markets, Emilio Di Brizzi provides advice in relation to securitization of receivables transactions (asset-based loans), project financing and issuance of bonds. Further, he supports issuers and distributors in public offerings finalized to the listing of financial instruments on regulated markets, as well as in relation to takeover bids, underwriting, sales and trading involving instruments financial, also listed on regulated markets.

Corporate law

The professional provides legal assistance broad spectrum to companies, both in the constitution phase of the company - through the preparation of articles of associations, bylaws and / or other association’s agreement (joint ventures, consortia, etc.) as well as in the negotiation and drafting of shareholder’s and other understandings agreements with third parties - and in the later stages of the life of the company through: preparation of corporate governance rules; drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts and, more generally, assistance to shareholders and to management bodies and control. He provides advice in relation to extraordinary corporate transactions -such as mergers, splitting, acquisitions (including LBO), sale of companies or their branches, liquidation and other cases of dissolution, issuance of bonds and other financial instruments – as well as in relation to transfers of shares or quotas or other strategic assets, taking care of all aspects of the preparation of the contractual documentation or to the administrative requirements associated with each of these transactions. The professional also lends assistance to investors, issuers, investment banks, managers and financial advisors in relation to capital markets transactions for both debt and equity (regarding the listing as well as regarding takeover bids, subscription, sale and exchange of financial instruments, also listed on regulated markets). Emilio Di Brizzi is also active in the sector of asset management, providing legal assistance to asset management companies, to their shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, with reference to both the creation and marketing of investment funds - in particular with regard to real estate investment funds- and with reference to the transactions of investment and divestment.

Bankruptcy procedures and instruments of crisis management business

Besides the activity related to the banking and financial markets, Emilio Di Brizzi advises creditors, companies and banks involved in the bankruptcy proceedings, and, more generally, in the crisis management business of companies. In particular, he deals with restructuring activities (corporate and debt) and default management, insolvency procedures and, more generally, all operations related to corporate crisis, by providing assistance and advice on:

  • - Development of projects of rehabilitation of distressed companies and debt restructuring;
  • - Drafting of agreements with creditors (moratorium agreements, pacta de not petendo etc.), restructuring agreements;
  • - Launch and management of arrangement with creditors and court settlements;
  • - Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • - Acquisition or disposal of assets within the voluntary liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings;
  • - Protection of credit as part of bankruptcy proceedings (allegations of liabilities and claims to the organs of procedures);
  • - Adoption of programs and other forms of corporate reorganization, such as supply of goods, repayment plans, moratorium plans and settlements with creditors.

Litigation and arbitration

Emilio Di Brizzi provides assistance in the context of court proceedings and arbitration of civil, commercial, corporate and financial. In particular, he deals with actions in the context of recovery of bank loans; property enforcement procedures; liability actions against corporate bodies or control; disputes concerning the liability with regard to debt securities; appeals of shareholders' resolutions; responsibility of the financial intermediaries; actions against financial promoters; other actions to damages. Further the professional lends assistance also in proceedings of alternative dispute resolution , arbitration or judgments and appeals, ahead of ordinary courts and administrative, relevant to his competence or of interest to his clients.